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LockGuard is the perfect way of maintaining the normal look and operation of the door whilst providing substantially more protection, 24/7.


The DoorGuard is a unique system designed to prevent a criminal both entering your property and causing any damage attempting to do so.


TankGuard is specifically designed for hot water tanks and heaters. The kit comprises of four sturdy brackets together with our unique fitting components.


The FurnaceGuard is a complete security system for domestic furnaces. The kit comprises of four sturdy powder coated steel brackets together with our unique fitting components.


SureGuard is an innovative company specializing in unique home security products, designed to keep what’s yours, yours. Born in Detroit from our sister company in property investment, we quickly grew tired of properties being broken into and ransacked, with stolen goods and damage often reaching thousands of dollars worth. We decided to do something about it, and our range of unique products have been tried and tested in the harshest environments we could throw at them, coming out on top every time.

In a short amount of time we have grown from a single simple idea into a company which can provide multiple innovative security products all designed, developed and tested by our passionate team of experts. Our off the shelf products are quick and easy to install but virtually impossible to remove.

If you have a specific need feel free to contact us and our custom design department will do their utmost to help. Trade enquires are also welcomed.

We help people and companies protect their property from invasion and theft with minimal hassle

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